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The power of visualization is often underestimated. While visualizing goals and future successes increase your motivation, efficiency and self-confidence. That is why I decided to use the power of visualization and to outline my own goals. I soon noticed that this not only provided clarity, but actually helped me achieve my goals and successes. I currently use this approach every day to clearly map out their goals at companies, families and schools and with success! Although a magician never reveals his tricks, you can now also learn this method.

My name is Chantal Vermeer. I live in Holland, I dream Big.  I create my illustrations.

Draw you dream Life makes you smile more, dream more, laugh more and more comfortable , relax more and have more energie.

Especially for you i Made a simple step by step guide to manifest your dream Life. It's a present Just to give yourself. Available in September 2019. 


So i can help you feel the freedom right back in your body.

I have always loved information design and the way an image can tell a story. 

Say goodbye to the PICTURE in your HEAD.


The perfect picture, many people strive for it. An ideal image of what your (business) life should look like ravages your thoughts. And if you don't have these thoughts, social media will take care of this. If reality then turns out differently and everything no longer meets this dream, you will become completely out of balance. The moment when you realize that not everything is going as expected, can come hard and even cause interruptions in your daily life. Believe me, you are not the only one. At the age of 38 I also had to deal with a reality check. My bubble of the unreal perfect picture burst and I had to figure out where I stood in my (business) life and where I wanted to go. The visualization of my ideal future, both business and private, made sure that I could clearly see everything again and that I could focus again. I switched from retailer with five women's clothing stores to illustrator. I draw your smile Today I draw at companies during meetings and meetings and I visualize their business future. I also own ShirtsbyChantal, where I personalize corporate clothing with illustrations. In addition, I can be booked as a nice extra interpretation for your event and I personalize company services. I have a team of Teken je Toekomst Coaches and we help entrepreneurs who want to grow further in their company. Online & Offline. In all my services I pursue my motto "I draw your smile".

If you have any questions about me or my work, or you want a speaker or illustrator for your event ,want to collaborate or meet for Skype feel free to contact me: 


IT is a question you ASK yourself, am i doing what i really want? Do i live the Life i desire? Are you stuck at this moment in your Life, job, relationship? Are you out of balance?


Life Gets Super cool when you decide to stop running and start living.


What if you have clarity, chase your dreams, live your purpose, creating the Life you really want?


Drawing helps losing your grip, live with more ease and Just feel good.


When we believe iT, we see iT and we receive iT.


We all experience trauma or experiences in Life which are not pleasant.

We do not want to look at the experience of pain. We do not want to feel iT.

IT feels so Much safer to run from iT.

Love XO X) ChantalV





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