2 steps to get more clarity and have more fun! 

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People often underestimate the power of visualization. Which is odd considering that visualizing your goals and future successes increases your motivation, efficiency and self-confidence.


This is why I chose to use the power of visualization and draw out my goals. I quickly realized this didn’t only give me clarity but it truly helped me in achieving my goals and successes.


I currently use this approach daily with businesses, families and schools to help them map out their goals with success! Even though a magician never reveals their secrets, you can learn this method too.


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A big dream is a beautiful thing. But getting stuck while trying to take action on it... not so much. 


So let's Draw this dream.... But i can not draw? 

It all comes down to stop being perfect. Just get clarity on what you desire and have more FUN. 

That’s why I made this free 

I Draw your smile

The perfect picture, a lot of people strive for it. The ideal image of what your (professional) life should look like plays on your mind. When reality doesn’t quite turn out that way and doesn’t match up to your dream you become unbalanced. The moment you realize everything isn’t going as expected can hit you hard and make you stumble in your daily life. Believe me, you’re not the only one.


At 38 I too had a reality check. My bubble of the unrealistic perfect picture burst and I had to figure out where I stood in my (professional) life and where I wanted to go. This meant that I could see things clearly again and could refocus. I switched from being a retailer with five women’s clothing stores to being an illustrator.


Nowadays I do what I really love and aim to follow my motto ‘I draw your smile’ in all that I do.


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About me

My name is Chantal Vermeer. I’m an illustrator, owner of ShirtsbyChantal and entrepreneur in heart and soul. Oh yeah, and I’m really good at putting a positive spin on everything. How? By working out of the box and always thinking in possibilities. I’m also very driven and have a passion for life.

Where it all started

Straight out of school I started as an entrepreneur. I started my own business as retailer and importer which quickly grew very successful. This was mostly due to doing things differently, thinking out of the box and focusing on my profit margins. Social media wasn’t a thing yet so I showed my face around as many businesses as possible to raise awareness.

Now I draw your smile

I started following my interests more and combining my experience in the fashion industry with illustrations. All my illustrations and shirts were picked up by Dutch celebrities, TV and radio in no time. Within a few weeks I had a waiting list of people who wanted to work with me. Unfortunately this success had a downside too. Because everything went so quickly and I was very visible on social media I became insecure. Questions like, “What if it all ends? Am I good enough? Am I too visible?” prevailed.

Big dreams, small steps

Whatever challenge I face, I believe it’s important to stay true to yourself. What I think is essential is that people draw energy from my illustrations. My work should radiate happiness and reliability. Whether you have your own restaurant, hair salon, clothing store or beauty salon it’s important for you to be visible and unique. But you need to stay true to yourself through it all.

Need help?

Being unique and creating visibility is easier said than done. I’d love to help you with this. Based on my many years of experience I developed several online and offline topics under the name ByChantalV:


Draw your Future Coach training and workshops

ShirtsByChantal - personalized company clothing

Training Business Drawing

Digital illustrations

Books: How to Draw Your Dream Life & The Boy with a Beard


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Chantal V


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In the Draw Your Dream Life program you will discover how you want to feel in your life and I will show you step by step what you can do to Draw your ideal Future.

3 months online program : draw your dreamlife

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